Our brands

We are a house of brands specialising in pet food. Our products are a daily part of the life of pet owners and represent easy and responsible choices for the well-being of our animal friends. Our brand portfolio consists of both well-known domestic brands and popular international brands.

Good food is is every dog’s right. That’s why you can find Hau-Hau’s quality dog food, treats and chews easily and at a reasonable price where you buy food for the rest of your family. Check out the products!

PrimaCat cat foods are always rich in meat and never contain wheat or added sugar. Why? Because the well-being of a cat requires a diet that is designed for the cat’s natural needs. PrimaCat will help you with the art of feeding a cat. Learn more about the products!

PrimaDog’s stomach-friendly dog foods are made for a carefree dog life. Carefully designed recipes are inspired by the Nordic nature. The foods and treats contain plenty of meat but no wheat, soy, or artificial flavourings and colourings. When feeding your dog is easy and carefree, there’s more time for shared moments with your furry friend.

Carnilove has been developed respecting the natural dietary needs of dogs and cats. The holistic, grain-free recipes are rich in high quality meat or fish, wild berries, and herbs. Carnilove products have a wide spectrum of wild-origin meats, such as pheasant and wild boar, as sources of animal protein. Give your pet a chance to get back to its roots!

Brit provides high quality food with love for dogs, cats, and the little pets in the family. Brit’s selection of complete and complementary foods helps to keep pets healthy, allowing pet parents to enjoy happy times with their animals. Find out more about Brit products!

Brit Veterinary Diet contains a selection of gluten-free, therapeutic foods available in veterinary clinics. Brit Veterinary Diet dog and cat foods are made with a long experience and developed based on the latest research of the nutrition of cat and dogs in different therapeutic areas. Find out more.

Profine dog and cat foods contain natural ingredients that form a balanced diet for your pet. Profine provides cats and dogs with everything their well-being requires.

Best for the little friends! Freddy offers quality complete foods, treats and litters for pet rabbits and rodents. Birdy products are made for the well-being of small pet birds.

Sam’s Field super premium dog and cat foods are made with the best ingredients from the farm to meet the specific nutritional requirements of dogs and cats. Sam’s Field foods have unique composition that promotes digestion and efficient use of nutrients. Welcome to the world of Sam’s Field!

Planet Pet Society offers the best quality for dogs and cats. The product selection includes dry and wet food, treats and chewbones. Planet Pet Society cares about the well-being of pets worldwide and donates 1% of its profits each year to animal welfare. Read more.