Quality pet products for your best friend

Prima Pet Premium Oy is a Tampere-based manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of pet food. We offer pet people easy, responsible choices for the well-being of their animal friends.

We deliver top quality products for pets in a professional, flexible and efficient way. Our pet foods and brands are backed by a strong team, combining decades of experience with new perspectives. Our business is based on responsibility towards pets, customers, partners and staff.

Our Brands

Nutritious and tasty food is every dog’s right. That’s why you will find Hau-Hau’s quality dog food, treats and chewbones at affordable price from the local store you buy food for the rest of the family.

PrimaCat cat foods are always rich in meat and never contain wheat or added sugar. Why? Because the well-being of a cat requires a diet that is designed for the cat’s natural needs. PrimaCat will help you with the art of feeding a cat. Learn more about the products!

PrimaDog dog foods give your dog an excellent foundation for a long and healthy life. They contain plenty of meat and a superfood mix of Nordic herbs and berries. PrimaDog products don’t have any wheat, soy or artificial flavouring or colouring. We only make dog food that we would serve to our own dogs. Explore the products.

The raw truth: meat is best! Kennelpakaste makes delicious raw food that dogs and cats chow down in a blink of an eye. All the products can be served raw or cooked. The staff of Kennelpakaste prepares the products with professional pride in a small factory in Ikaalinen, Finland.

Carnilove has been developed respecting the natural dietary needs of dogs and cats. The holistic, grain-free recipes are rich in high quality meat or fish, wild berries, and herbs. Carnilove products have a wide spectrum of wild-origin meats, such as pheasant and wild boar, as sources of animal protein. Give your pet a chance to get back to its roots!

Brit provides high quality food with love for dogs, cats, and the little pets in the family. Brit’s selection of complete and complementary foods helps to keep pets healthy, allowing pet parents to enjoy happy times with their animals. Find out more about Brit products!

Prima Pet Premium Oy

Since 2021, we have been part of the Czech Vafo Group. As our operations become more and more international, we are also investing in Finland, and in 2023 we will start producing dry dog food in Nokia, Pirkanmaa.

Quality food is every pet’s right

We want to look after those pets who don’t have a loving home. That’s why we donate thousands of kilos of dog and cat food and cat litter every year to various animal welfare organisations both in Finland and abroad.

We have also helped pets and their owners who have been affected by the war in Ukraine.

Moreover, we support domestic hobby clubs and pet events.

kilos to charity

This is how much we donated to charity in 2022.

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