Sponsoring and charity

Looking for a sponsor for an event or association? Prima Pet Premium directs sponsorship support for its pet food brands (Hau-Hau Champion, PrimaCat, PrimaDog and Brit Care) to different operators each year. In the application process, we evaluate the items that best fit each brand’s sponsorship and collaboration objectives and aim for a mutually beneficial package.

Use the sponsorship form below to apply for product sponsorship for your event when the application is open. You can use the charity form below to indicate your willingness to receive charity items on a occasional basis.

Sponsorship application and criteria

The call for product sponsorship for the 2024 events has closed. Applicants who have completed the sponsorship form will be contacted once the applications have been processed. We currently have no open applications.

Here’s how to apply for product sponsorship from us:

Complete the sponsorship form below during the application period. Applications will be processed after the application deadline. The applicant association must be registered and the activity must be non-profit. In addition, the area of activity must be Finland. We require that the applicant does not have a competing dog or cat food brand as a sponsor. We also hope that you are willing to actively provide visibility for our brand, for example on your social media channels and website.


It’s important for us to be involved in helping homeless and other pets in need, and we regularly donate products to charity. The donation target must be non-profit. The products will be shipped in pallets, so they need enough space to receive and storage.

Sponsoring form

Sponsoring form

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Charity form

Charity form

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